VillaSud is a top specialist of luxury villa rentals in the South of France since 1999. We are specialized in the region Côte d 'Azur en Provence. As a travel agent we work closely together with (mostly) private landlords of holiday villas, with whom you ultimately enter into a rental agreement through our intermediation. As we offer our services online, we want to ensure that you feel safe and confident about your villa reservation with us. For you as a tenant, good travel conditions are important and all guarantees that belong to the travel and use of the internet. 

VillaSud is a Dutch company registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (registration number 52931978). Our physical address is Prins Hendriklaan 34, 3701 CP Zeist, The Netherlands.

VillaSud is a member of several European travel authorities that provide financial protection to travelers. We are affiliated with ANVR (the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators) and SGR (the Dutch Travel Refund Guarantee Fund). Therefore, the terms on which you enter into a contract with VillaSud are determined by a set of terms and conditions provided by these organizations (see below). Please read them carefully. If there is anything you do not understand or want to know, please contact us before booking.

If you rent a villa with VillaSud, the following conditions apply.

ANVR (Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen) — Dutch Association of Travel Professionals

ANVR is the Dutch equivalent of ABTA in the UK — the largest Dutch travel association representing Dutch travel agents and tour operators.

VillaSud is affiliated with the ANVR as a travel agent (view our certificate of affiliation). This means that VillaSud meets ANVR's strict quality requirements for members. For example, we are required to work with professionally trained staff and to provide sufficient and objective information about our villas.

The consumer can rely on balanced and equitable booking conditions: the ANVR travel agency ensures that travel contracts comply with the ANVR booking conditions. These conditions were drawn up in consultation with the Consumer Association. Your booking with VillaSud is therefore subject to the conditions of the ANVR-Booking Terms for single travel services (Section 3), unless otherwise provided herein.

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VillaSud Additional Terms and Conditions

Our Additional Terms and Conditions supplement the ANVR-Booking Terms for single travel services (Section 3). These Additional Conditions also include the rental conditions that the landlord (s) of holiday villas use on our website(s) towards tenant(s). 

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SGR (Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden) — Dutch Travel Compensation Fund

SGR is a Dutch non-profit organization that provides additional financial insurance to travellers. Though it is a Dutch organization, it also protects travellers from the UK. Since 1 January 2017, its coverage has been extended to all contracts concluded by the affiliated companies under the SGR guarantee scheme (only English version available), regardless of the consumer's place of residence.

VillaSud is affiliated with SGR (view certificate). When you book any of our holiday villas in the South of France, your reservation is protected by the SGR. This means that if there is any financial impediment concerning your paid booking with us, you will get back the costs that you prepaid. You can find more details in article 3.6 of the SGR guarantee scheme . In other words, you can book your villa holiday with us without any financial risks.

Are you not booking as a private individual? But as a business or institution? Then your booking is NOT covered by the SGR!

If you live in Germany,  you will be issued a SGR guarantee certificate when booking. This "Sicherungsschein" is proof of an Insolvency Insurance legally prescribed in Germany.

The above text has been translated by VillaSud for service reasons. This translation is not authorized by SGR. SGR only communicates in Dutch and English. The Dutch text of the guarantee scheme is binding.

The SGR is the main guarantee fund in the Netherlands (comparable to ATOL in the UK). The website of EGFATT (The European Association of Guarantee Funds) contains a database of almost 10,000 European travel organizations affiliated with Guarantee Funds. These companies (including VillaSud) are covered by national guarantee funds (such as SGR and ATOL), which are members of EGFATT.

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