We recommend: insure your vacation!

You book your holiday with the intention to actually go. But something can always happen that prevents you from vacationing and you are forced to cancel your booked villa.

VillaSud offers you the possibility to insure against the costs that you have to pay in case of cancellation by means of the All Risk Cancellation Insurance. For this we work together with one of the main Dutch Travel Insurance Companies, Europeesche Verzekeringen, http://www.europeesche.nl/ 

Allrisk Cancellation Insurance  

Via VillaSud a short-term Allrisk cancellation insurance can be taken out with your booking - in cooperation with Europeesche travel insurance. The premium amounts to 7.0%, plus insurance premiums and policy costs.

Look here for the latest version of the policy conditions of Europeesche Verzekeringen: Cancellation Insurance.

For a booked trip, which takes less than 3 months, the maximum insurable travel sum is € 2,850 per person. For example: you rent 4 people with a villa with a travel sum of € 6.000.-. Your maximum insured travel sum then amounts to € 11.400, -, so you can take out your cancellation ticket. Do you rent the same villa with 2 people? In that case, you can take out an all-round cancellation insurance up to an amount of € 5,700.

Do you want to take out cancellation insurance?

Via this website you can take out an Allrisk cancellation insurance online when making a reservation request. You then agree online with the digital provision of the insurance card that accompanies the requested insurance.

If you have taken out a short-term cancellation insurance, your booking confirmation also counts as proof of your cancellation insurance, as concluded with Europeesche Verzekeringen. The insured amount is the rent and administration costs stated on the invoice. The premium stated on this booking confirmation includes insurance premiums and policy costs.

If you have any questions about the above Insurance ? Please feel free to contact us!

Here you will find information about the complaints scheme of Europeesche Verzekeringen.

We mediate in insurance policies and receive commission from Europeesche Verzekeringen.