Book your holiday villa with “Money back guarantee”.

Are you also very much looking forward to travel to the Souh of France this summer? Are you unsure wether or not to book? Please allow us to help you out. 

If you rent a holiday villa at VillaSud with a start date in 2020, you will receive a “Money Back Guarantee” from us.

By doing so do we hope to provide you with some kind of piece of mind when booking that dream villa in Provence or on the French Riviera. 


Our conditions:

  • The offer applies to all the villas marked mentioning "Book now with money back guarantee".
  • This offer applies to bookings with a start date in 2020 
  • You have the option to cancel free of charge up to 14 days before the arrival date any reason related to Covid-19 that would make travel or stay to France not possible. 
  • The possibility of cancellation is clearly stated in your booking confirmation.
  • The payment is to be made within 1 week for bookings with an arrival date within 8 weeks.
  • In case your booking needs to be cancelled, you will be refunded within a week.
  • It is a full refund minus €115 for booking- and cancellation services rendered by Team VillaSud.
  • This promotion does not apply to bookings made before the start of the promotion period (April 1st 2020).


These villas  are offering Money back Guarantee.


Perhaps nice to know that all bookings made at VillaSud are covered by the SGR (the Dutch Travel Refund Guarantee Fund). We are also a member of the ANVR (the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators).

We are of course biased, but perhaps - especially now - a private villa with swimming pool, where you can go with your own transport and your own travel group, is the better holiday choice.

Maybe it is also nice to dream a bit about the summer? You may now have more time to make vacation plans. As soon as free travel is allowed again, there may be a "run" on holiday accommodations nearby. So don't wait too long to book your holiday villa.