Tourtour, Bargemon and Aups: old villages located in a beautiful but quiet area North-east of Draguignan. Discover breathtaking mountain villages like Claviers and Callas. Le Haut Var, it is a top destination for active families who like to enjoy the Provencal countryside. 

Salernes and Aups

More to the West is the village of Salernes, best known for the hexagonal ceramic floor. Surrounded by mountains, this 'green station' has a beautiful natural heritage offering hiking, biking and horseriding.

Aups with its famous truffle market and its location near Lake Sainte Croix and the Verdon Gorges. This multifaceted village always impresses its visitors because of its lovely landscape. Stroll through its narrow streets, shaded squares or discover one of the festive activities.

Tourtour and Villecroze

Tourtour is a charming village between the olive trees. The location of Tourtour is fantastic at 600m high which allows you an amazing view over the Provence. But not only the view is beautiful, the city center has lovely streets, attractive squares and Romanesque houses. Piece by piece buildings that make you feel you never want to leave.

Villecroze is a charming and medieval village which attracts quite a lot of tourists each year. Don’t forget to visit the caves of Villecroze or take a scenic walk to the waterfall of Sillans-La-Cascade. 

But the highlights of this area are undoubtedly the Lac de Sainte Croix (where you can enjoy water sports and hiking) And of course the Gorges du Verdon, where you can drive through the long, winding Route de Cretes, with its panoramic views.

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