Salt or chlorine in the swimming pool?

Salt or chlorine in the swimming pool?

Almost all our villas have a private pool and we regularly get the question how the water in the pool is kept clean. We know the following possibilities to clean a swimming pool: chlorine, salt electrolysis, bromine and last but not least, in an organic way.

Everybody likes to swim in clean, safe and clear water and so adding chlorine or salt to a swimming pool is important. Chlorine is still the most used cleaning solution swimming pool water, but the popularity of a salt water swimming pool is increasing. Cleaning the water with salt is done in a natural way and is 100% safe for the skin and, and not to mention, for your swimwear.

Salt electrolysis

How does a swimming pool with salt water work? The salt is added directly to the pool via a technical installation, and then converted to natural chlorine by an electrolyse pump. In other words, also a salt water swimming pool contains (and smells like) chlorine. The water of a salt water swimming pool feels a bit softer, the colour is more bright and the taste is slightly salty.

What is brooming?

Brooming is just like chlorine an chemical element. And just like chlorine it destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi. Brooming can be used in stead of or together with chlorine. It is a form of water purification that is widely applied in the United States (and less in Europe).

Organic natural swimming pool

An alternative method of pool maintenance is the natural approach, so entirely without addition of chemicals. The water is 100% natural and it seems as if you are swimming in a lake.

Last but not least, if you have a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, don’t wear silver or gold jewelry. Enjoy!

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