Sainte Maxime is an ideal destination for a family vacation in the South of France. It is a small and especially attractive seaside resort with a sheltered location in the bay of Saint Tropez. The foothills of the Massif des Maures protect Sainte Maxime from the mistral, a cold wind that so much awe the Romans that they called him "magistralis" (masterly). The old Sainte Maxime is... Read more
If you think of Antibes, in the first instance you think of a fashionable seaside resort with luxury villas and a harbor with imposing yachts. But do not be mistaken, Antibes is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer in cultural and culinary terms too! Antibes is the largest city in the Alpes Maritimes department after Nice, followed closely by Cannes. By coincidence,  Antibes is... Read more
Every city in France, large or small, has a number: squares! They are the heart of French culture because it is where events such as markets and festivals take place, it is the place where people meet! The beautiful city of  Aix-en-Provence is known for its many fountains but also has beautiful squares. Squares that are worth a visit during a city walk! The nice thing about the squares... Read more
Truffle lovers are always looking forward to November, when the truffle markets traditionally start in Aups. This is not a big market, but here you will find the most beautiful truffles of Southern France. Every Thursday morning you can search for the exclusive ‘black gold’.The Provencal name for the truffle is ‘rabasse’. Aups The picturesque village Aups is... Read more
Between Grasse  and Draguignan  lies 'Pays de Fayence', a mountainous area in the South of France where around Fayence there are a number of other small villages. These high-altitude villages are called "villages perchés". Due to their high location, they were protected against attacks from outside in the past. The Pays de Fayence consists of eight villages, namely Mons,... Read more
The dreamvillage Gordes The village of Gordes  is a natural beauty that you cannot deny. It is noteworthy that Gordes, just as Roussillon, is named one of the ‘les plus beaux villages’ of France. The view on top of the hill is breath-taking, and the authentic buildings are utterly beautiful. Gordes is likely to be the most famous village in the Vaucluse .... Read more
Everyone knows the Calanques van Cassis, the rough but beautiful cliffs at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. But the city is also known for its wine. And that is not just any kind of wine! In 1936, Cassis received, as one of the first three cities, the Appellation d’ Origine Contrôlée (AOC) certification mark. This mark is a French quality control of agricultural products,... Read more
Correns is a tiny village with about 800 inhabitants in the Provence Verte . Nature in and around Correns is beautiful and invites you to walk. On the river Argens you can make wonderful canoe trips, a fun activity for the whole family. In the neighborhood of Correns there are a number of villages which are also worth a visit, such as Cotignac, Tourtour and Entrecasteaux. The beautiful abbey... Read more
The southern French Menton is located on the Côte d'Azur, about 20 minutes from Monaco and only 5 minutes from the Italian border. It is a town to fall in love with instantly. The colorful houses in the center, the well-preserved buildings, the cozy shops, the six beautiful botanical gardens and of course the markets make this town a pleasant place. It is not for nothing that Menton... Read more
Roussillon is a village in the French department of the Vaucluse . The village is considered one of the 'plus beaux villages' of France, because anyone who has visited Roussillon once will not soon forget the village. What you see is truly unique! If you drive to the village of Roussillon you can see the ocher-colored houses on the top of the hill from a distance. Once you arrive... Read more
Gourdon is a small medieval village about 25 km north of Cannes . The village is on the list of the independent association "Les Plus Beaux Villages de France" and may therefore call itself one of the most beautiful villages in France. Meanwhile, seven other villages in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region have also received this entry. They will all be brought to our attention on our... Read more
The southern French coastal towns of Saint-Raphaël and Fréjus were mentioned in an earlier blog post as the ideal starting point for sporting activities in the Estérel mountains. That these places are popular holiday destinations for that reason speaks for itself. In and around Saint-Raphaël and Frejus, often referred to together as Saint-Raphaël-Frejus,... Read more
The beautiful coastal town of Antibes is located next to Cannes (10 km) and opposite Nice (23 km) at the Baie des Anges. For centuries, Antibes was the only city between Marseille and Italy. Because of its location opposite the Nice of today, on the other side of the Baie des Anges, the settlement was called Antipolis, which means 'the city on the other side'. Later the name changed to... Read more

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